10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (2024)

Patios are outdoor living areas with endless design, decoration, and structure possibilities.

Patios are as functional as they are diverse, allowing you to use your backyard to entertain guests, socialize with friends, and show off your landscaping skills.

Whether you’re looking to extend your patio, build a new one, or simply give your backyard a makeover, we’ve got 10 patio ideas to enhance your design plan.

    Common Patio Materials

    Before jumping into unique patio designs, we’ll look at some common materials for your patio’s structure.

    Keep this information in mind as you consider ways to refurbish or expand your outdoor living space.


    Brick patios are perfect for homeowners seeking a classic look with endless design possibilities.

    Bricks are excellent patio materials because they’re durable, low maintenance, and versatile. You can arrange themin different patternsfor a unique appearance.

    While pricier than other patio options, bricks will last over a century if properly maintained.

    If a patio section is damaged or cracked, simply replace it with new bricks. These materials don’t fade over time, so replacements won’t be noticeable.

    Concrete Pavers

    Concrete patios are popular and cost-effective options for various backyard spaces.

    While concrete is durable and cheap, it’s not the best option for a low-maintenance patio. Concrete slabs can crack and weather over time, leading to repair and replacement costs.

    We suggest a concrete paver patio for easier maintenance and long-lasting quality.

    Paver patios consist of concrete stones placed tightly together. Like brick, pavers are laid individually on the compacted ground and then adhered with a polymeric sand substance.

    Pavers are generally more expensive than concrete slabs because of the cutting and shaping required to make them. However, you can replace individual slabs instead of replacing the entire patio when damage occurs.


    Stone patios are low maintenance, durable, and undeniably elegant.

    Consider your budget and skill set before deciding on a stone patio. Stone is an expensive patio option, costing up to $28 per square foot. It’s also not an ideal DIY patio project – you’ll likely need professional assistance to fit the heavy, bulky stones into place.

    However, stone materials are easy to care for and come in many varieties.

    Flagstone is a popular choice for patios because of its rich texture and ability to be cut into unique shapes. Bluestone is a flagstone variety known forits bluish-gray colorand lightly textured surface. These stones, along with many other options, will fit beautifully in your patio space.

    Seeour patio material guidefor more information on pavers, bricks, stone, and more.

    10 Backyard Patio Design Ideas

    Once you’ve expanded or constructed a posh patio, increase its appeal with outdoor furniture, landscape design, and decor.

    Some homeowners like to execute their own renovation projects, while others prefer to hire a professional for the grunt work. With this in mind, we’ve listed DIY backyard patio projects and ideas that might require help from a pro.

    These patio designs will revamp your backyard with comfort, style, and functionality in mind, no matter which type of homeowner you are.

    Brick Courtyard

    Construct a brick courtyard for a fun and functional fortress right in your backyard.

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    A courtyard is a patio surrounded by walls. If you’re seeking ways to enhance an existing patio space, enclose it for added dimension and privacy. Simply build up walls around the patio space in a matching or complementary material.

    We suggest brick because of its classy, durable design and longtimeuse in historical courtyards.

    Courtyards are open structures perfect for soaking up sun or gardening light-loving container plants. Build your courtyard patio around existing trees for natural beauty. Then, enhance the area with a hammock and other outdoor furniture.

    Fire Pit

    A fire pit is a perfect place to sit back and relax around warm, comforting flames.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (2)

    Fire pits can be simple or intricate, making them a great project for DIY lovers and beginner builders.

    Build a fire pityourself or purchase one from a local home improvement store. There are countless designs, brands, and price ranges to explore.

    Surround your fire pit with patio furniture for a cozy outdoor seating area. Remember to keep chairs, plants, and decorations away from open flames and hot coals.

    With seating, safety, and some homemade desserts, your backyard campfire will undoubtedly entertain you and your guests.

    Multi-Level Patio

    A multi-level patio is a perfect solution for your uneven backyard.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (3)

    Instead of flattening your property for a traditional patio, hire a landscape architect to design a stunning multi-level patio.

    Join the patio levels with stairs or ramps that seamlessly flow from one area into the next.

    Incorporate a water feature into the slope of the garden. A bubbling waterfall will impress your guests and add a tranquil ambiance to your outdoor space.

    Finish off your multi-level patio space with greenery and bold, seasonal blooms. Then, lay gravel or stones on the slope to prevent erosion andaid water drainage. Read our article to discover ways to upgrade yard drainage.

    Garden Pond Patio

    Garden ponds are the best patio addition for nature-loving homeowners.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (4)

    A garden pond is a water feature that often incorporates water-loving plants, river stones, and fish. Border the pond with the same material as your patio for a seamless design.

    Build a DIY garden pond or hire a landscape designer for the job. Home improvement stores sell pond liners, artificial rocks, and other decor items suited for the project.

    A popularfeature of a garden pondis the presence of plants around the water. We suggest bordering your pond with moisture-tolerant flowers and foliage. Then, fill the water with lily pads and koi fish for an aquatic oasis.

    Bistro Patio

    A bistro patio will become the focal point of your backyard.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (5)

    The wordbistrooften brings to mind words like “simple” and “modest.” But, neither of these definitions has to apply to your bistro patio.

    Spice up your small backyard area with a bistro patio designed for chatting, dining, or enjoying a crisp glass of wine.

    Build a small patio from any material that fits your home’s aesthetic. Alternatively, section off a nook of your existing patio with plant containers, custom screens, or retaining walls. Then, furnish the space with a bistro table and chairs.

    We have no doubt your bistro patio will become your go-to spot for stay-at-home dates and restful moments in the fresh air.

    Poolside Patio

    Cool off from the summer heat with a poolside patio.

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    A pool deck is an area that surroundsyour swimming pool. These surfaces often consist of wood, concrete, or composite decking. Add an eye-catching patio cabana that contrasts with your pool deck for a private area of shade and relaxation.

    Create your poolside patio by laying a section of brick or stone. Then, furnish the space with lounge chairs, outdoor rugs, and tropical plants. Install a hot tub on your pool patio to continue using the area during chilly months.

    Pool patios don’t have to be covered, but a simple awning or broad foliage might be nice. We suggest enhancing the space with chic umbrellas for adjustable shade on scorching days.

    Covered Patio

    Cover your patio for year-round, rain-or-shine enjoyment.

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    Adding a cover to your outdoor patio is an excellent way to expand its functionality. The shade will keep you cool on hot days and dry during rainy ones.

    An awning is a simple, cost-effective way to cover your patio.

    Awnings attach to the side of your house to provide shade to your backyard space. They come in removable and retractable styles for seasonal use.

    If you have a stand-alone patio in your backyard, consider covering it with a stylish and functional pergola.

    Pergolas are shade structures built from slats of wood or other materials. They don’t provide complete protection from the sun, so you might want to cover the top of the structure with a canopy or thick vine plants. Are you considering having plants ideal for shaded areas around your pergola for the sake of aesthetics? If yes, then our article is a must-read for you.

    Once you’ve decided how to cover your patio, embellish the space with hanging plant baskets, lanterns, and string lights.

    Dining Patio

    Transform your patio into a dining area for relaxing outdoor meals.

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    Creating an outdoor dining room is excellent for turning your patio into a harbor for socialization, entertainment, and family fun.

    We suggest pairing this patio idea with other features like canopies, garden ponds, and grills for an exquisite dining experience.

    Choose an outdoor dining table that fits your design goals and size needs. Next, surround the table with comfortable,weather-resistant seating.

    We recommend topping off your dining patio with a rolling cart that holds dishes, silverware, napkins, and condiments for easy transportation to and fromyour indoor kitchen.

    Grill Station

    Show off your cooking skills with an outdoor grilling station.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (9)

    A grill station is an excellent patio feature for grill masters and home cooks alike. Cover your grilling patio with an awning to make year-round use of the space. Pair your grill station with a dining patio for even more functionality.

    We suggest furnishing your grill station with other appliances like a sink, mini-refrigerator, and stovetop.Add built-in cabinetsand drawers to store utensils, dishes, and cooking equipment.

    With an outdoor kitchen and grill right on your patio, you can serve delicious homemade meals right in your backyard.

    Secret Garden

    Create a secret garden patio for a peaceful nature retreat.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (10)

    Secret gardens are excellent for homeowners seeking a private area surrounded by lush greenery and brilliant blooms.

    While we don’t actually recommend keeping your garden patio a secret, we suggest designing it for peacefulness and privacy.

    Surround your patio withfoliage, shrubs, and flowers. Then, add more plants with containers, hanging baskets, and vine-covered trellises.

    Trellises help you section off an area without building a brick or stone wall. Cover them with creeping vines for additional privacy and greenery.

    Lastly, incorporate a gazebo or pond for an added touch of magic.

    Final Thoughts

    A backyard patio is a perfect place to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy cheerful company.

    Now that you have some ideas for backyard design, you can start creating a patio that fits your aesthetic preferences and functionality needs.

    Remember to enhance your patio area for comfort and style. You want the finished product to foster tranquility and peace, no matter the season.

    With these patio design ideas in mind, you’ll undoubtedly create a dream outdoor living space just steps from your backdoor.

    Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

    As an expert in patio design and construction, I have extensive knowledge and firsthand experience in creating outdoor living areas that are both functional and visually appealing. I have worked with various materials, designed unique structures, and incorporated different elements to enhance the overall design plan.

    When it comes to patio materials, there are several common options to consider. Brick is a timeless choice that offers endless design possibilities. It is durable, low maintenance, and can be arranged in different patterns for a unique appearance. While it may be slightly more expensive than other options, bricks can last over a century with proper maintenance.

    Concrete pavers are popular and cost-effective alternatives for patios. While concrete is durable and affordable, it may require more maintenance in the long run. To address this, I recommend using concrete pavers, which consist of individual stones laid tightly together with a polymeric sand substance. This allows for easier maintenance and the ability to replace individual stones if damage occurs.

    Stone patios are known for their elegance and durability, but they can be more expensive and require professional assistance for installation. There are various types of stones available, such as flagstone with its rich texture and bluish-gray color, that can create a beautiful patio space.

    Once you have chosen the material for your patio, it's time to consider different design ideas to enhance your outdoor living space. Here are ten patio design ideas that cater to different preferences and needs:

    1. Brick Courtyard: Enclose your patio space with walls made of brick for added dimension and privacy. This creates a cozy and functional fortress right in your backyard.

    2. Fire Pit: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by building a fire pit where you can relax and socialize. There are countless designs available, and you can surround the area with patio furniture for a cozy seating area.

    3. Multi-Level Patio: If you have an uneven backyard, consider a multi-level patio design. This involves incorporating stairs or ramps to seamlessly connect different patio levels. Adding a water feature can also enhance the overall ambiance.

    4. Garden Pond Patio: For nature lovers, a garden pond is a perfect addition to your patio. This water feature can incorporate water-loving plants, river stones, and fish, creating a seamless design with your patio.

    5. Bistro Patio: Create a charming bistro patio for intimate conversations, dining, or simply enjoying a glass of wine. This can be achieved by building a small patio from any material that fits your home's aesthetic and furnishing it with a bistro table and chairs.

    6. Poolside Patio: If you have a swimming pool, consider creating a poolside patio. This area can be used for lounging and relaxation, and you can add features like a patio cabana and hot tub to enhance the experience.

    7. Covered Patio: Extend the usability of your patio by adding a cover. An awning or pergola can provide shade and protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy your patio year-round.

    8. Dining Patio: Transform your patio into an outdoor dining area for enjoyable meals with friends and family. Choose a dining table that fits your design goals and surround it with comfortable, weather-resistant seating.

    9. Grill Station: Showcase your cooking skills with an outdoor grilling station. This feature can be complemented with a dining patio, making it easier to entertain guests while you prepare delicious meals.

    10. Secret Garden: Create a private and peaceful retreat with a secret garden patio. Surround your patio with foliage, shrubs, and flowers, and incorporate trellises for added privacy. A gazebo or pond can add a touch of magic to the space.

    In conclusion, with these patio design ideas and the knowledge of various materials and concepts, you can create a dream outdoor living space that reflects your aesthetic preferences and meets your functional needs. Remember to prioritize comfort, style, and tranquility when designing your patio, and enjoy the process of transforming your backyard into a beautiful oasis.

    10 Backyard Patio Designs For A Stunning Outdoor Space - Today's Homeowner (2024)


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